Fantasia Veneziana unique Masks Carnival

      Fantasia Venetiana is an artistic Designer originally from NaplesItaly Her inspiration began at  the Venice Carnival and all around inspire her artistic designs .Each pieces is unique and is designed ,created  and signed by this amazing artist.She create a piece of art every day using gesso &and fresh paint.
Fantasia collaborates with many of the top designers arround the world, 
Website :
      Designer Natasha Berezhnaya and Fantasia have  done amazing collaborations together and  they have given us the best , and hotest,fashion shows in New York !!

Photo by Rafael Marin
All the costume are Costume Design by Natasha Berezhnaya]
Models:Tatyana Kot ,Usman Tiger, Ana Palanska
Models: Claudia K Escobar and Kim Manhattan