Fantasia Veneziana- Euphoria Fashion Show NY

Lyndon Freed Produccion
Fantasia Veneziana Artist/Designer
Gabriela Panduru PR/Manager/Blogger/Model (of Fantasia Veneziana )

Gabriela Panduru -Model/ Pr/Manager/Blogger 
Ketty Parilla-Model
Gio DeLavicci-Model/Actor
Alexi Castillo-Model
Dawn Mecca ( Model )
Laury E. Namias (Model)
Kev Matos (Model/Actor)
Shahrose Shahzada Ali -Model/Actor
Oxasa Si Model
Stephanie Paulino Torres-Model
Shakeelah Finney-Model
Celina Leroy -Model

Special guest
Nouman Khalid Actor/ Singer/ Model

Very special thanks to Billie Blunt Magazine who honoring us with your presence and support 

IsaCarlo B. Photography
Goran Karas
Mike Dikinson (
Paul Walker 
Rafael Marin
Dan Arru
Victor Joshua Done
Juan Carlos Guevara
and much more

Flyer by IsaCarlos B. photography


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