July 25, 2016

Fairy Tale by the bridge editorial

Amazing editorial for published magazine
Photo by Horace Robinson
  Dress by Alexandra Popescu-York  http://www.alexandraartanddesign.com/
    Model :Gabriela Panduru   http://www.gabrielapanduru.com/

July 19, 2016

ASC FASHION WEEK SUMMER 2016- Performance by Celestino and Omak designs


Celestino Junior Ortiz
Artist / Performer 
Photo Credit: Wes R. Oliantus

Omak Designs

#ASCProduction Team
ASC Fashion Week Summer 2016 Team
Amit Singh Chauhan Founder/Executive Producer
Kiran Khan Founder/Producer
Ketty Parrilla Director
DomeĆ” Gisel Team Organizer
Katherin Gisela Laparra MUA Coordinator
Lisandro Barcelo Kartiar Hair Stylist Coordinator
Gabriela Panduru- International Talent Scout
Marcus Isaac Lead Photographer
Wes R. Oliantus House Photographer

Guest photographer:Mike Dickson