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Artist-Designer Alexandra Popescu-York new collection at Couture Fashion Week NY

Couture Fashion Week 24th Season: September 9-11, 2016, Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, New York City Artist-Designer Alexandra Popescu-York Takes Couture  Fashion Week NY on a World Trip with Her Capsule Wardrobe Collection of Timeless Essentials “Tour du Monde” and Her Monumental Paintings Esteemed artist-designer Alexandra Popescu-York makes her sixth serial appearance at Couture Fashion Week New York with her Spring-Summer 2017 clothing collection “Tour du Monde (World Tour),” a capsule-type collection that never goes out of fashion. “Tour du Monde” is as timeless and stirring as the memories of one’s soul-enriching travels around the world, from the emblematic Côte d'Azur and Saharan sunsets to the centuries-old cathedrals, boulevards and royal gardens. A CFWNY must see, Ms. Popescu-York’s fashion show will be held at 6:00 pm on Sunday, September 11th, 2016, in the Broadway Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan. As it has become customary in

Giulia Deamina-a extremely success story who bring us Deamina Magazine!

Gulia Deamina is a  successful buisnies woman who start her  career  in Italy and Europe in publishing and in the fashion industry, known for television appearances as presenter , tv  producer  and editor of the  luxury & fashion newspapers Italian - English -Deamina Magazine, but especially in the organization of the most amazing events on the French Riviera and for the great collaborations with large international company of film and fashion houses the most popular of the moment from New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London and Milan. For the talented Julia, begins a new challenge of major international events, which off a new season full of exclusive world events such as Fashion Week  Couture New York in collaboration with the designer and American producer, Andres Aquino from 9 to September 11 where  many world famous designers present their collections  every season in New Yorke and Frence where are already in the