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CAMOUFLAGE style in fashion

Camouflage print  is one of my favorite  print  styles with has an edgy and strong look to it,  a  lot of designers use this strong style in their collections :   Michael Kors , Christopher Kane and Gryphon .Jan Paul Gaultier,Givenchy... Little history of  CAMOUFLAGE ''Military camo went mainstream after a hunting enthusiast named Jim Crumley used a Magic Marker to draw vertical tree-trunk lines on a few pairs of tie-dyed coats and pants in the late 1970s. A decade and two mortgages later, his patented "Trebark" design had gone from being featured in a few small ads in  Bowhunter magazine to appearing in nearly every major outdoors catalog in the country. When Manuel Noriega, wearing Trebark gear, finally surrended to U.S. troops, Crumley reportedly toyed with the idea of using the Panamanian general in an ad campaign with the slogan "No wonder it took so long to capture him.

Les Couleurs Charity, Fashion Show at PEPELA Restaurant NY

  Thank you for the amazing photos MARIA GORDOBA +1-718-879-23-73 Thank you for support D&D  ORGANICS,designer EV BESSAR Designer:  Daft Minerva Clothing & Accessories