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“Not a common Halloween parade “

  “Not a common Halloween parade “ Q: What is Alexandra Popescu-York doing when is not preparing for New York Fashion week or a new collection for her brand ? A: I dedicated a lot of time to my family,  as I always do. Career and family are both important to me, each in its own way. It’s interesting how my mind works. Sometimes as a designer I put my skills to work in my family life as well and vice-versa. For example I wanted my children to experience the  joy of a Halloween parade this year even the official one and trick-or-treating was canceled. Halloween is one of the childrens' favorite holiday because it’s a chance to wear funny costumes and spend good time with family and friends new and old. I decided to organize our own Halloween parade on Long Island City waterfront promenade starting from crown jewel 4545 Center Blvd passing Pepsi Cola sign, Gandry Plaza State Park, LIC landing, Hunters Point South Park and ending at Newton Creek and back. The alternative of Halloween r