June 23, 2017

Cactus de Cartier NY -Rooftop

Luxury jewelry designer Cartier celebrates its year-old Cactus de Cartier line with this rooftop installation at its Fifth Avenue store. The top of the Cartier mansion will be lit by the colors of the Southwest, inspired by this cactus-themed collection. The jewelry line is displayed alongside orange and red hues, evoking the sense of a desert sunset, surrounded by photographs from Santa Fe artist Ja Soon Kim along with some real cacti.

June 22, 2017

Meet Lena Shockley-movie producer, actor & plus size model

Entertainment, Associate Producer and Lena Shockley Youthology TV & Radio live stage show worldwide broadcast,movie producer, actor & plus size model

June 20, 2017

The Lena Shockley Tv & Radio live stage show!

The Lena Shockley Tv & Radio live stage show! 

Designer: Vanny Tousignant-Founder at VT- Fashion Event Organizer
Models:    Fatena Qassem, Gabriela Panduru , Sylviana Buckley ,Svetlana Kramar 

Photographer: Thomas Atkins

Location: Nyack Theater, Nyack NY

Host  Lena Shockley
          Gio Delavicci.

Guest: Miss Poland Nataljia Liberacki 
          Jude Charles