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Bandit The Rapper :the new music King in town

  1.. Congratulations on your new video? What inspires you? Thank you, with my new single/music video Uber Back Seat. I was trying to bring something different. I find it important as an artist to be experimental with expressing myself.  As far as inspiration I can’t say it was just one person, more of my take on 90’s baby making music but making it current. 2.What is the message you want to send to all people who listen to your music? That it is Ok not to want to fit in.  Being unique is a gift and you should not hide it from anyone.  Music can control our moods be mindful of what type of music you listen to while you’re in certain moods.  With my music I just want you to be uplifted and create memories. 3.You are always dress super fashionable; how do you choose your outfits? Fashion like many things go with personality and you must make it your own. As an artist you suppose to grab attention, I personally like to use my fashion as a way to captivate an audience. 4.What  are your pla