Jacques Isaac Fashion show -for Brest Cancer Awareness at Sri Lanka Mission To the United Nations

Amazing designer Jaques Isaac preset his gorgeous couture collection to this Cancer Awareness fashion show at United Nations

Aurora C.Aquino-Ambassador of Humanity  -  wants to thank all sponsors, photographers,  the media, Artistic  Performers,diplomats, delegates, and guests who come at her amazing event that  she  had coordinated!

Sri Lanka Mission at United Nations
Cancer Care Society of Sri Lanka
David Jacques Isaac (designer)
Sonya Cashner her trunk collection's
Kay Havana performer
PVaz performer
My model's - Elizabeth Makarenko Gershman Libra Jimenez,Gabriela Panduru
Lynette Dallas- Arbonne International Health and Wellness
Tiziano GM of Piccolo Fiore and his Chef restaurant
Heartland modeling agency
Metropolitan Pacific Properties
Oksana and Piersa assistance.
Mary Singletary Pres. of NCWUS.
Our house media FTema Raysor and Greg McColumn
Gerard Mc Keon - BlackTie magazine International
The UN news media
The Times
Richard Renda Totally Cool media
Music Produce by Axton Frick
Sri Lanka staff
NCWUS staff 

Photos by:  Collis.Zenfolio