VITO EMANUELE Couture -Honoring a legend


  • I had the honor to meet and model for the amazing  couture  designer Vito Emanuele in this january in New York! His studio was just a heaven of fashion and was a wonderful experience! Here we have some behind scene pictures from this photo shoot and for now we send the pictures from the shoot  to different publications to be publish!

  • The team: Designer:Vito Emanuele and his stuff 
  •                    Coordonator of shoot:Mario Bucceri
  •                    Photos by:Mouhsine Idrissi Photography
  •                   Make-up: Tenedra Garner

  •               Vito Emanuele got his start working in visual display, contributing to many of the fabulous window displays in New York City. With an interest still in fashion and the new era of Halston, Vito knew that he had to move on and delve further into the fashion industry. He boldly walked into the Olympic Towers to the glamorous offices of Halston asking for a job. He was liked immediately, although he had no background in fashion, and was hired on the spot.  The years working with Halston would turn out be the most important and beneficial for Vito. He learned the fine art and discipline of Couture. He learned about fitting, draping, and patterns. He also learned about the importance of form and function, working with models and celebrities. These were the years that molded his discerning eye, and his visual instincts were now impeccably trained. Halston sent Vito to study design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. This helped him further with the technical aspects of design as well as his sketching abilities. Unfortunately, the end of Halston’s career was approaching; Vito left when Halston left the label.   His next move would be to the house of Perry Ellis. The ready to wear sportswear industry was making its mark and Perry Ellis was the leader. Vito took all his knowledge to this new house and became a very important member, working as a part of the design team in all aspects from clothing to designing the fabulous runway presentations.He learned the dynamics of the sportswear side of the fashion industry, which complimented his knowledge of Couture quite well. It was a very different experience for him; one that rounded out his complete knowledge of fashion as a business. After the passing of Perry, Vito knew that it was only a matter of time until he would start a label of his own.Vito Emanuele opened his own company in 1993 with a small collection of perfectly made evening gowns. His style was minimal and architectural; shapes that were cut to perfection and made out of the finest fabrics in the world. Vito Emanuele gowns were sold at Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys in New York as well as many other specialty stores around the country. Although he had early success, appearing often in the windows of Bergdorf Goodman and in articles in Harpers Bazaar and Avenue magazines, he missed interacting with the customer. He enjoyed making a woman feel sensual and sophisticated in his clothes. He decided to move his business out of the stores and into a studio of his own; more towards the private world of Haute Couture.  Now with a collection of clothes that range from daytime suits to evening gowns, he feels at home working with his clients on a one on one basis, transforming his designs to compliment each and every woman’s figure. A woman with a Vito Emanuele wardrobe is confident in her clothes and in her body. They compliment her without overpowering her.  They are clothes that make a woman feel sexy, sophisticated, and comfortable with herself.Vito Emanuele is a passionate man. He is a man who is not influenced by trends or celebrity. He is a man who understands history and the value of knowledge. You can see it in his amazing work''
  • R I P amazing couture designer Vito Emanuele!  To live in the hearts of others is never to die.