Northern Lights Tie Dye - Company

Northern lights tie dye company presents  Unique looks  one of a kind UV reactive tie dye fashion designs, NLTDC Apparel is all hand made with all top of the line fabrics and use only the best Mix dyes available on the market.


Photo credit:
Kevin Richardson Photography
Goran Karas Photography


  1. Paul mantia from northern lights is a THIEF!

    1. keep on hating is easy to tell how much time individuals have on their hands where you can come here and write such a false rude comment, why dont you go do something better with your time instead of slandering artist who are doing well and getting ahead. God sees all who do ugly he is the one you will have to answer to... Karma comes back 10 fold. the more you all hate the more doors open for me success is the greatest revenge


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