Alexandra Popescu-York Fashion Designer & Artist "Art& Fashion"at the Romanian Cultural Institute New York

 Alexandra Popescu-York Fashion Designer & Artist "Art& Fashion" event, art & costumes exhibit and fashion show held at the Romanian Cultural Institute New York was made possible by many wonderful people and companies. Here we name a few:
First of all Many Thanks to the Romanian Cultural Institute New York.
Director Doina Uricariu at Romanian Cultural Institute  New York
Gabriela Panduru - PR and fashion blogger
Iulian Popa

Ionut Vacar Photography
Mariana Terra from Romanian Journal,
Xime O-Samue Makeup Artist
Liliana Beidaut Liliana Beidaut Make Up Design
Twitter :
Veronica Garces Makeup Artist
Tenedra Garner Makeup Artist
Dominique Rochelle Pettway Hairstylist
Shqipe Gocaj Hairstylist
Besjana Hoti Hairstylist
ModelsFarah Zulaikha Fashion/Beauty Ambassador, Humanitarian, TV Personality and many more
Nick PatrickoffcNick Nick
Mircea Dan Stefan
Mircea Radu-Cristian
Denis Dunn, Director of Visual Merchandising, 
Bloomingdale's New York
Banana Republic
Piere Laborde Accessories Designer


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