Impact Garden: Global Fashion Exchange at Madison Square Garden NY

Global Fashion Exchange is large scale clothing swap market traveling from city to city around the world to promote sustainable consumption and empower consumers to take actions for a better environment while they renew their wardrobe.
The concept of Global Fashion Exchange is simple: Everyone is invited. To access the Global Fashion Exchange you must contribute with at least one garment to the common pool of clothing. It must be clean and in good condition. After dropping it off to staff at the entrance, it will be distributed to designated areas at the Global Fashion Exchange and you may pick any garments you desire: No money changing hands.
From high street to high fashion, anything goes and everything can be swapped as the markets are divided into sections to ensure a fair tradeoff.
The Global Fashion Exchange was founded in 2013, where it took place for the first time during Copenhagen Fashion Week; 1500 people swapped 5.2 tons of clothes, and, in the process, a great concept was born. Intandem Creatives will now take the concept abroad to key landmarks in major cities around the globe.

Guests: Subexya Dvah-1st Secretary of Nepal Corazon Rivera- ( Realtor ) Dr.IIIa Mainali-2nd Secretary of Nepal Ala Sherman- Brazilian Newspaper Aurora Aquino Corazon Rivera-realtor Ala Sherman- Brazilian Newspaper Patricia Herrera- Consultant/Cosmetics Chris Marta- Design Director Intamden Creatives Shahid Husein-UN rep. Mehdi Mirafzal- UN rep. Patrick Duffy CEO-founder GFX and Intandem Creations
Olya Brandon Maggie DeLaney 
Billy Landis
Gabriela Panduru-Fashion Bloger

Gabriela Panduru (PR,Model), Subexya Dvah 1st Secretary of Nepal, Aurora C. Aquino (VIP Coordinator of GFX), Dr. Illa Mainali 2nd Secretary of Nepal, A la Sherman Brazilian Newspaper.

Chris Marta Design Director Intandem Creatives, Mehdi Mirafzal UN/Representative, Dr. Shahid Husein UN Staff, Patrick Duffy-Founder GFX and Intandem Creations,Aurora C Aquino VIP Guest Coordinator..

Corazon Rivera (realtor) , Aurora C Aquino VIP Guest Coordinator, A la Sherman Brazilian Newspaper, Patricia Herrera Cosmetic Consultant.

Gabriela Panduru at Madison Square Garden 

Maggie Delany

Maggie Delany 

Gabriela Panduru and Aurora C Aquino VIP Guest Coordinator.


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