Calendar ,,Summer Forever 2017"by model Gabriela Panduru

Gabriela  Panduru  is a Romanian born  ,international published fashion and fitness model who is based in New York
She  is a well known being  a professional fitness competitor who achieve  12 fitness awards at  date and being  interview and published by prestigious  magazine and website from fitness industry!!She is living a super healthy lifestyle,100%natural athlete,her discipline inspire many athletes and friends to change their lifestyle and become active
Happy mind ,body and spirit is her motto and she guide her life around that ,she is a motivational speaker and a promoter of positivist thinking.
Gabriela  is a  active  fashion ,runaway ,video modeling ,her mission is to inspire woman's to follow their dreams,to use their energy and time for positive activities , to be independent but she promote family value.Her love for fashion lead her working brand ambassador and modeling for the hottest designers on the runaway, in print and for photo shoots working  with the top photographers in the country. Gabriela love to represent the best in industry.


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