New York -based designer Alexandra Popescu-York will present her new collection in Romania at Fashion Philosophy

 New York-based designer Alexandra Popescu-York will present her new collection  in Romania at Fashion Philosophy 

On March 10th, for the Romanian Fashion Philosophy event, the Romanian and American designer Alexandra Popescu-York will host her first fashion show in Bucharest. As a guest of honor, she will present to the Romanian public her tenth luxury fashion creations collection called “Poison”. Her one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing reunite gothic and avant-garde components and the show will offer an explosive mix of shapes and colors.

"Poison" by Alexandra Popescu-York
"Poison" is the 10th collection of luxury clothes of the Romanian American fashion designer Alexandra Popescu-York. This collection combines elements from previous collections (embroidery, applications, special cuts, feathers, avant-garde accessories) having, however its own autonomy. "Poison" wants to be a collection with a strong impact on the public, a show of shapes and colors, like all the other collections of Alexandra, launched in New York. All the pieces are unique, the motto of the creator being "Make art-fashion, not fast-fashion." "Poison" will be released on March 10 in Bucharest in Romanian
Fashion Philosophy, Alexandra Popescu-York being invited to present as the designer of honor. After conquering New York for years he returns to Romania, the country of soul and in Bucharest where he was born, present for the first time. Romanian Fashion Philosophy Saturday, March 10 at 21: 00pm AmbasaD'Or Events, Bucharest (the address I think is Drumul Odaii 34-36, Otopeni, 075100)


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