PATUNA Bushyhead at Couture Fashion Week

PATUNA is a talented designer a  native of the Republic of Georgia,  ,she  started her career out of true love for her talents and skill as she passionately wants to share her creations to the world. Her work has been displayed in various parts of the world winning the envious hearts of women that are looking to own Patuna's designs.  

Her collections offer a range of Pret-a-Porter and Haute Couture.

A frequent work of beads, crystals, swarovski and precious stones can be seen in her ‘signature’ items. Patuna's designs frequently take their inspiration from an age of elegance – reflecting 1950’s tailoring and silhouettes. She believes in creating designs that complement and enhance the feminine form. She likes to use sumptuous, flowing fabrics combined with a sophisticated approach to draping. she preset her gorgeous colection in NY.

Photos  by  NORMAN DING


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