Mystic by Alexandra Popescu-York 

With an instinct for composition and color, Alexandra Popescu-York, the Romanian-born designer now based in New York, is bringing back the old Hollywood extravagance to transform it into a contemporary line of luxury dresses with a twist of avantgarde.

Every piece from „Mystic", her new collection, is telling a story about authenticity and it also reflects her bold and eclectic character.

Until now, she is the only designer in the world that presented artworks of different categories at the same show, at the same time: a collection of fashion couture and a painting exhibition.

Alexandra Popescu York has been painting since the age of three and has studied fashion design and plastic arts at the University of Arts in Bucharest.

Settled in the US for over ten years, she’s built an impressive record of national and international fashion shows and exhibitions.




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