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Clinton Graham the inventor of King POPPY

1.Who  is Clinton Graham?
I grew up in Milton, Ma.  Attended all public schools and earned a football scholarship to Stony Brook University.  Played 7 years of football in Europe, then returned and was a Correctional Officer in jail for 2.5 years.  Not for me or my passion, so I resigned and pursued my goal of creating innovation.  King Poppi was patented with a Utility Patent in July of 2018; with 3-4 additional provisional, before, during, and after that date.(All Connected)
Since leaving that mind-numbing job, I have spent my days waking up at 4:00 am, posting King Poppi Posts all over social media, Driving for Uber from 6am-10am, hitting the gym while sourcing possible investors/manufacturers, returning home for lunch, King Poppi Calls, then returning to Uber from 4/5pm-7/8pm. 
While in Uber, I am marketing King Poppi, by showing videos of my product and getting a good grasp on my customer demographics, while also gaining Instagram and social media followers.

2.Tell us the story behind King Poppi?
A: During my football career in Europe, after game parties were a great time. One of my friends showed me how to use one beer bottle to open the other. A couple of times i did the trick, the bottle cap popped in the air like a champagne cork. I thought was cool and tried to show someone else; it didn’t work. So I took pen to paper and began to blueprint a more consistent way of achieving the popping experience with every bottle.

3.What is the future you see for King Poppi?
A: King Poppi’s future involves expanding the brand. We have a line of products that King Poppi will be releasing in the near to extended future.  The long term goal of King Poppi is to improve the quality of life of the people who use our products.  The enjoyment factor from our easy to use products is our objective as well. King Poppi is not just a brand, but a lifestyle. We want everybody to get the most out of parties, events, and life, by getting it Poppin’ with King Poppi.

4.If you have to thanks to people who support you in your journey ,who will be?
A: First I would like to thank my wife. She has been very supportive in the pursuit of my goals. I also would like to thank former bosses for providing me the experiences necessary to prepare me for such a daunting but achievable task; starting a business. I would like to thank former coaches, teachers, and teammates for helping to form the discipline it takes to set your mind to something and not surrender; EVER! My family, friends, contacts and new friends/contacts. It seriously warms my heart to see all of these people collectively want me to succeed. From sharing my social media posts to checking in, suggestions and questions, I have had the pleasure of receiving many helpful tips and well wishes.

During the grind, it means a lot and is often the fuel needed to go on. I remember the message, which was simply put, “Don’t Stop.”

I couldn’t begin to thank everyone who have helped me along the way in a major or even the smallest of ways. I believe it is important for us entrepreneurs to pay careful attention to critics as well. There have been a few occasions where one who was a critic, turned out to be a great adversary. That person challenged my claims and in turn gave me the opportunity to shed a new light on King Poppi; so that others who may have had the same question, have the answer
In closing, I would like to share the biggest joy of creating a business and achieving success. To inspire the up and coming innovators to go for it; if I can do it, YOU CAN! Also, To be able to provide the next entrepreneur the opportunity to realize their dream, is my dream.
Together we will create a more innovative, enjoyable, and higher quality of living today and for the futur

Let’s get it Poppin’


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