GLW Beauty Issue by Gabriela Panduru

   CEO/Gabriela Panduru:  I chose to dedicate this entire GLW Magazine number to Miss Arad 2019 event because Arad is my native town, the place where I grew up and found the passion for beauty for the first time.
 I salute everybody who put their efforts in making such an amazing event: organizers, sponsors, designers, local media, photographers, makeup and hair artists!
Congratulations to all for the amazing event!

     I'm Gabriela Panduru the creator of Gabriela Love World Magazine and I live in the most amazing city in the world, New York. I want to share with you my readers the best this city and the world has to offer: beautiful talented people, fabulous events, genius artists, famous athletes, and future superstars! I am a socialite, a model, an athlete, and a fashion editor. I love beauty, I love creative people who know to express themselves and I love art. And I love you to be yourself - I love LOVE! Why Gabriela Love World? This is my world of love I create around me, where people live their dreams, and they do what they love because love is the most powerful feeling. Because love gives us wings, love makes us better, love empowers us, and love is a reason to live! 
GLW Magazine is a non-profit magazine


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