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Ava Ohara Model Highlights at NYFW

  GLW - What are the traits that make a person a great model?  Ava - Commitment, discipline, a good work ethic, a healthy lifestyle, kindness and self-respect.  GLW - Not everyone can be a doctor, a designer or model. There are special skills, and talent involved in being a model. What are those?  Ava - All those selfies you exhausted your parent’s cellular data usage limits on ARE going to pay off one day. (Laugh). Knowing your best angles, how to pose, how to walk the runway and how to speak and act, are critical. GLW - Can models be superheroes?  Ava - Absolutely! And Models can also be amazing mentors. Some are genuine humanitarians. I’ve been blessed to have met many. GLW - What are the features modeling agencies are looking for these days? Height? Couture 0-2 Measurements? Youth? High Cheek Bones?  Ava - You can throw all of those out the window, and that’s a good thing. Over the past 3 or so years? a major shift has occurred in the industry. Everyone is viewed as being beautiful