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An evening with H.E. Ambassador Paltha Kohana hosted by Aurora C.Aquino!

An evening with H.E. Ambassador Paltha Kohana hosted by Aurora C.Aquino In New York City  ! Aurora C.Aquino was our host who welcome all the guests and His Excellency   Ambassador Kohana, she prepared our dinner as Chef for the evening ,the food was delicious and she is the best host you can have . The dinner was very relaxed atmosphere ,the Ambassador was kind and gracious enough to get to know each of us and congratulate everybody for their great job! Aurora discuss with us her future humanitarian projects and we all agree to support her,she is also a fashion coordinator and work with humanitarian projects around the world. Guests of the party was :: Celebrity Dress Stylist of Oprah Winfrey, Dianne Caroll among other celebrity name stars Luke Destin. Also Africa Miranda from a TV series Africa/America , Zhana Zervos ex-model , Viktorya Avramchuk , Alize Uteryn founder and CEO Alize la Vie Magazine,Karen Opong intern ,UN/NGO, KOHERENT properties , Ambassador Paolo

DIAJA Design –Fashion show

Diaja present her beautiful  fashion collection''Black Label''  preview in  a great event at 49 Grove Lounge in New York !   Ceres Dasia Henry  the designer of this beautiful collection pursued her passion at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Inspired and nurtured by mentor  Norma Kamali, ( F.I.T graduate, and designer featured on the Fashion Walk of Fame​), Ceres graduated with an Associates degr Ceres Dasia Henry pursued her passion at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Inspired and nurtured by mentor  Norma Kamali, ( F.I.T graduate, and designer featured on the Fashion Walk of Fame​), Ceres graduated with an Associates degree in Patternmaking, and received her Bachelors in Production Management. With valuable information learned, and hands on experience from internships at Sean John, Norma Kamali, and Cold water Creek, Ceres was equipped with the necessary tools to enter into the fashion industry with her signature brand.​​ ee in Patternmaking, and received

Rock Star profile: Adrian Sinner from 9.7 Richter

Adrian "Sinner" Rus ''Born in 1982 under the sign of Leo, this always led my path through the most adventurous of the choices when it came in making a choice at some turning points in my life. Since a teenager I felt I'm not going to be the one just sitting and not asking questions, the one doing a boring 9 to 5 job and the one who's only goal would be "plant a tree, build a house, have a wife, raise a child, go pension, end". I choose Information Technology as my professional area of expertise, being an always dynamic,challenging and evolving domain - i found this the most comprehensive thing to express my analytically part. On the other side, I always felt the need to expand my senses through art. When i was 18 I started to learn guitar and soon after, I put the basics of my first band. We were young and restless as they say, we started to rehearse easy covers as all the young bands do. Then, I started to compose and the things g

Major Casting Call!!-New York Fashion Week!

 MAJOR CASTING CALL  MODELS MODELS MODELS THAT ARE GOING TO BE PICKED IN NEW YORK FASHION WEEK FOR VINTAGE COUTURE FASHION WILL BE GETTING💥 PAID💥 SO YES ITS A PAID EVENT on August 16 -2014 for the casting FOR VINT AGE COUTURE FASHION EVENTS. The CASTING TIME IS FROM 12 noon to 5 pm on Attention all Sponsors, and top Designers, for 0 to 4 and Designers for Curvy models 6 and Up and also Top designers for Kids & Vendors, Press, Media, Photographers, New York Fashion Week is like no other Fashion week. From September 8 to the 14 - 2014 We will be providing massive exposure for your brand to be acknowledged on a top level like never before. All interested parties please send me an email so Me or my staff will respond back to you thank you IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS: Attractive female runway models Height: 5'8'and taller in bare feet Dress size 0-4 Age 16-29 Must be healthy, in good physical shape Clear unblemished skin ( NO PIMPLES on face or body) Straight white tee

Chic by Vali Ciobanu fashion show in New York

CHIC is a Romanian (Arad) brand with 25 years ' in the fashion industry , which  create   unique pieces  for :the  theaters, the opera(Vienna),famous people and all the fashion lovers who are her  long time customers !      Vali Ciobanu is the  owner  and the head designer at this amazing Company , she was my guest in NYC for a summer Fashion show at the Empire Hotel Rooftop a Hillary Flowers Production and a  shoot!  Working with her i got to  know her better and saw how much she loved what she is doing and she  doing it at the highest level possible.!!! New York  Fashion show was an instant hit  for the designer who will be back soon with another collection! I want to congratulate her for her amazing work and wish her the best in everything!! website: