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David Tupaz Couture Design NYFW

 Photos by Frank Rivers




Mikah Fashion  is a lifestyle brand. Inspired by Kintsugi Japanese art, Mikah portrays life's imperfections as beautiful and something that should be cherished Collections Message   In Japanese culture, broken vessels are not discarded or rejected; rather, they are repaired with lacquer and gold or silver. The end result is more beautiful, valuable, and stronger than the original. The message is that “broken” is not a reason to be thrown away but rather an opportunity to improve and transform. This art form says that through the process of mending, we become even more lovely and exceptional than before. Our apparel is an interpretation of this revered Japanese art. We hope to inspire women as they wear our pieces, as well as inspire those who see our attire on them. You'll discover a meaningful and wearable message behind designs.

Gabriela Panduru at Caspian Business Forum in NY

  The Caspian Political Center and the US Chamber of Commerce has  held the second Caspian Business Forum at the Harvard Club of New York City with the support of the embassies of Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan,  Trend  reports referring to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry. The New York Caspian Business Forum, based on strategic partnership between the US and the countries of the Trans-Caspian corridor, is a leading platform for creating opportunities for business circles of the US and the Caspian countries. Building on the strategic partnerships forged between the United States and the Caspian countries and emerging business potential of the region, the second Caspian Business Forum presents a leading platform to discuss the U.S. engagement in the Caspian region, investments and financial relationship opportunities, and innovations to benefit both sides and the business community concerned.

Gabriela Panduru -Miss Tourism Ambassador Romania 2020

dress by Concept Design  Miss Tourism Ambassador Romania-in USA        Photos by Norry Nicolas