Alexandra Popescu -York 2019-Obsessed Collection

Designer: Alexandra Popescu York
Fashion Coordinator /PR: Gabriela Panduru
Photos by : GETTY
International PR : Dama PR
Art Hearts Fashion Week

World-class artist-designer Alexandra Popescu-York is set to reveal the ‘Obsession’ collection during her runway show at New York Fashion Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion at 5:00 pm on Friday, September 6 th, 2019, at Angel Orensanz Foundation, 172 Norfolk Street, Manhattan. Having inspired one of this year’s Met Gala fashion designers with the now-famous frame and chandelier head accessories, Alexandra Popescu-York’s creations are unusual, one-of-a-kind or limited edition luxury clothes which appeal to modern women. She is also widely known for bringing together uncommon materials to create monumental art collections that illustrate her prolific imagination. “A designer’s individuality consists of using the fabrics and materials that nobody else uses”, says Alexandra Popescu-York. Merging her design work in the fashion industry with a true passion for painting, The Romanian-born, New York-based the designer has built a bridge between fashion and art and turned it into a globally recognized trademark uniquely her own. Aware of the fact that “authenticity is increasingly rare in the world of fashion”, she strives for it every step of the way, often painting directly onto the materials or embroideries, or fully altering textures through overlapping. She’s used to building patterns directly on the model rather than on the pattern table, as other designers often do. Over time she has created dresses without side-seams and with hundreds of stitches, admitting that she rarely uses the classical patterns unless they are needed. A prodigy painter since the age of three, and an acclaimed fashion designer and plastic artist formally trained at the University of Arts in Bucharest, Alexandra Popescu-York settled in the US over a decade ago, and has built an impressive record of national and international shows and exhibitions. Beside her many fashion awards and recognitions, her paintings have also been included in the Art Exhibition at the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations.