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IFBB PRO Michael Ferguson

  Proven to be one of the top performers in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. Michael Ferguson is a prime example of what it mean to be an IFBB PRO. A native Memphian. Michael Was born in a family who placed high value on fitness and was always active and excelled in sports His athletic prowess earned him servals scholarships and he arrived at Henderson State University as a Athletic Phenomenon.  Always having a desire to help others, Michael became a body transformation coach and after spending many years training his body as a hobby he decided to take his passion to another level . At the age of forty. Mike enter his first competition as a amateur bodybuilder and continued to work hard to hone his skills and sculpture his body into a lean and muscular powerhouse. Driving by pure grit and and determination, Michael worked relentlessly to establish a name for himself on the bodybuilding scene. His efforts did not go unnoticed but paid off with a big win of a coveted IFBB PRO card