Rock Star profile: Adrian Sinner from 9.7 Richter

Adrian "Sinner" Rus

''Born in 1982 under the sign of Leo, this always led my path through the most adventurous of the choices when it came in making a choice at some turning points in my life.

Since a teenager I felt I'm not going to be the one just sitting and not asking questions, the one doing a boring 9 to 5 job and the one who's only goal would be "plant a tree, build a house, have a wife, raise a child, go pension, end".

I choose Information Technology as my professional area of expertise, being an always dynamic,challenging and evolving domain - i found this the most comprehensive thing to express my analytically part.

On the other side, I always felt the need to expand my senses through art. When i was 18 I started to learn guitar and soon after, I put the basics of my first band.

We were young and restless as they say, we started to rehearse easy covers as all the young bands do.
Then, I started to compose and the things got serious. 
We needed a name: 9.7 RICHTER was 'the chosen one'.

Years passed by and 9.7 RICHTER had a twisty road ahead, many members changed and there were also times when the band was put on hold because of this. 
We released our first E.P. "Epicenter" in 2010 but soon after, we were forced to take a brake again.

I started to travel with my job, the band wasn't enough to support a living. I used this opportunity and i started to compose the first full length album.
9.7 RICHTER started to tour again with the new songs in playlist and by May 2014, the new album was already recorded and ready to be released.

On 8th of October 2014 - Ground Zero - the new 9.7 RICHTER album will hit the ground.

9.7 RICHTER played alongside numerous metal monsters such as Tim 'Ripper' Owens, Vyrus, Testament and our live shows grew bigger and bigger every time.
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From the upcoming album, you can watch the video of our first single: SINNER

I am an hyperactive kind and sports could not be an area to be neglected. As being an extremist in most of the cases, so is one of my main hobbies super bike motorcycles. 
Being very dangerous to ride it hard on public roads, I started to go racing since 2008 and didn't stopped ever since. 

As I am always looking forward to explore new things and to achieve new milestones, in the near future, I'm looking forward to try on a new challenge, modeling. 

Every time I 'wrote' a target on my 'board' I achieved it, I am a persuasive kind of person and I am one that always finds a way towards reaching my goals.

Albert Einstein defined Insanity as "Doing the same thing.. expecting different results." - by this i made my goals to represent the destination and having the drive to try as many different paths as needed to reach these goals will always lead me to success.

So, bring it on! ''
          Adrian Sinner is attending the Designer's  Alexandra Popescu -York  runaway show during Couture Fashion Week New York .
         The designer and Adrian are working on a future collaboration .Alexandra will design an exclusive outfit for the '' Sinner''.