ALEXANDRA POPESCU -YORK at Fashion Week Couture New York feb 2014

       Alexandra Popescu-York earned her Bachelor's degree in Plastic and Decorative Arts from the prestigious National University of Arts in her native Bucharest, Romania. Her distinctive creations are emotional, vivid and symbolic. Combining her design work in the fashion industry with a true passion for painting, Popescu-York created a style uniquely her own, a bridge between fashion and her unique paintings!
       Sunday afternoon in the Grand Ballroom of the landmark New Yorker Hotel,  in the heart of  New York Fashion District a fashion lover crowd waiting  Alexandra fashion show to start...and she deliver!!!!!!!was amazing,..was a dream come true ,a fantasy where the painting come alive transform them-self in beautiful woman's who wear dresses with the thematic  of the painting..dramatic and elegant,reach of glamorous  every gril dream to have  this beautiful dresses.
     Congratulation for her  hard  work and for showing us the beauty of  her creativity,the passion for life,and celebrating the proud to have such a friend!
Remember this name Alexandra Popescu York !

singer Veronica Iovan wearing Alexandra Popescu -York creation


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