International Fashionistas "East meets West" and ''The Look'' book launch party

       The most anticipated party of the spring finally arrive...''International Fashionistas "East meets West"  and ''The Look'' book  launch party''.Was all fashionistas night,was a celebration of beauty and fashion ,a great evening to connect with people and view an amazing fashion show! 
Thanks a lot for the promoters who make possible this fabulous event:Urban Gypsy,Herbert Fox,Chance Spiessbach

    Elle Madrona, founder and CEO of International and the dynamo behind the East Meets West Fashion Show. The concept behind the show's theme is to bring together indigenous outfits from the Philippines modeled by Western beauties for an interesting twist. She was also launching the first edition of her new book, "The Look," . Fashionista number Uno, Elle is a multi-talented woman with a kind heart and a beautiful spirit and well loved by all of her friends and fans
    Designer /Artist Alexandra Popescu -York  was a special guest at this event celebrating her first page cover on International Fashionistas Website

Designer Alexandra Popescu -York with Elle Madrona celebration her first page cover on the amazing website 

Gabriela(PR,editor) with Barbara (Urban Gypsy CEO and event promoter) Alexandra (designer)

Oliver Prasetyo

Gabriela Love

designer Alexandra Popescu York!

Fashion ROXXY  -lifstile magazine  ceo

Chance Spiessbach-TV host

designer Alexandra Popescu York ,designer Bradley ScottDeitterick,Gabriela Love (PR,Editor)


with promoter Herbert  Fox


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