Marya Bivol - Powerful message from a letter bag!!! (English version)

      Marya Bivol is a handbag designer ,and her bags are designed by hand ! This  is how this amazing young lady describes herself '': my style, my hobby of my life that radiates an aura of femininity, simplicity and decency from each side of the bag. I have blended, hard work with patience to achieve my dream-to discover my inner-self and reveal that sense of uniqueness. I am proud of my results: a leather bag that lasts for lifetime and  that represents me!''

I had pleasure to meet Marya and talk about her passion of making handbags! She is a sensitive soul and a powerful young lady.this is how she started her amazing passion she explain us here: ''These bags idea sprang from a desire to wear a purse that represents me, and to revive the woman's gentle, simple, soft, feminine and aware of their role in society, a window into past time

''With hard work, patience and being motivated by things we cherish, I created my first bag that totally describes me: Braided revealing my ethnicity, less sophisticated exterior  that highlights the spiritual and the material tough construction defines me psychologically by self-confidence but also divine. ''

This beautiful bag  exposes the contrast between black and white that characterizes brave woman who by force delicacy and love can move mountains and rare wisdom that can open and heavens to reveal solutions

The idea longitudinal edges attached embroidery purse  was harvested in Moldavian style representing decent woman,  with natural qualities  and similar spirit kindness. 

And the latest masterpiece reinforces that femininity is eternal, timeless and always create balance and harmony around her.

Please like  Marya on facebook at :Handmade leather bags BY Maria.

Cristian Tudor Photography photo credit !


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