Press Release: "Alexandra Popescu-York’s Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion Collection “Âme de l'artist"

Press Release:
"Alexandra Popescu-York’s Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion Collection “Âme de l'artist" (Artists’ Soul) To Be Presented At 2015 Couture Fashion Week in New York City

New York, NY
January 20, 2015
New York City artist-designer Alexandra Popescu-York will present her latest couture fashion collection "Âme de l'artist" (Artists’ Soul) at 6:00 pm on Sunday, February 15, 2015 during the 21st season of Couture Fashion Week New York. This is the third consecutive season when Ms. Popescu-York participates at the remarkable fashion event in the Big Apple. Popescu-York is the only artist-designer thus far to have showcased simultaneously both a collection of high-fashion couture and paintings during this event. The artist-designer made her first major debut in New York City in February 2014 during the Couture Fashion Week.
Born and raised in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, Alexandra Popescu-York began her journey in the artistic world at the age of three, influenced by her mother. Trained by renowned artists and professors, she studied fashion and visual arts at the prestigious National University of Arts in Bucharest. With a rich record of exhibits and fashion shows nationally and internationally, and artistic work that is emotional, vivid and symbolic, Alexandra Popescu-York’s unique style bridges fashion and the arts, placing unequivocally the mark on the New York Fashion stage with memorable couture collections that bring the unexpected.
Ms. Popescu-York describes that artists are intricate, complex individuals, who live in surrealist worlds. Just like in surrealism, Ms. Popescu-York brings her vision to life by juxtaposing unconventional elements and using techniques that don’t necessarily interrelate, yet creating seamless harmony, delivering high-end fashion.
"Âme de l'artist" fashion collection transpires through Art Deco silhouettes, innovative tailoring and sophisticated fabrics, a unique style that carries the brand and signature of artist-designer Alexandra Popescu-York.
Ms. Popescu-York’s runaway fashion show is scheduled for Sunday, February 15, 2015, at 6 PM. To learn more about New York Couture Fashion Week please visit:
For more information about Alexandra Popescu-York’s couture fashion and art collection, visit contact:
Alexandra Popescu-York "
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