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A career dedicated to the readers - Reporter Untaru Claudia

The journalist Untaru Claudia is the lady of the Romanian press with whom you feel comfortable talking, a person who loves what he does and does not stay away from any sacrifice in her journalist's job, Claudia is loved and appreciated by all those she comes into contact with and her presence is full of energy! As a journalist she has earned the respect and credibility of people, she writes from her soul something that feels from her articles, she is a modest person, as it is good for an intelligent man, which makes us appreciate her even more.
I had the pleasure of talking to Claudia and asked her to tell us a little about her job and it was great to see how dear she devoted her career to you readers from everywhere

'' I am 39 years old and 15 years ago I first got into contact with journalism. That's when I started going to the field and returning to the Alfa TV newsroom in Petrosani. I liked it a lot and I decided (as an engineer) to specialize in journalism as well. That's how I got to Arad, college, and I did not leave until I got into the press. I have worked in several publications and have had the opportunity to write news from all areas: from politics, administration to sport. Journalism is anything but a job in the world. It always keeps you in the socket and never lets you give in as hard as it may be. There are days when I do not get to eat, sometimes the documentation and the writing of the material takes me all the time. The emergence of online sites makes me even faster. You must always be the one who gives the first or the first material, always be in the phase. Family life stays second, I do not have much time, like household chores, not even me, I am pleased if among the news I start playing with the child and educating him. Good luck that the husband is a journalist and understands. Being a correspondent for a national newspaper, I have the opportunity to write about people doing something for society, who have a beautiful passion. Their stories shape my work. The fact that they have the courage to reveal to tens of thousands of readers what they do gives me the power to wake up in the morning, ready to put a new story on the paper. to dear readers everywhere!

Journalism is not easy, and if you do not have it in your blood you can not do it as much as you can. It's a job you do not do for money, you do it because it's like every day of your professional life to be different. I go through cold or cold, sometimes stand for hours, but do not cry. That's what I chose to do. It's a sacrifice, but it's a nice one. While I think I have finished the day of work, something is coming up and I can not stand still if I do not write a few lines. And while I was laying down these lines about me, I stumbled to post a story. The writing came into my blood and I do not know if I'll ever get rid of him, or I do not think I want to. If you ask me how many sacrifices we always make readers to be informed in time, I say to you that many: we do not sleep, we do not eat and we have no peace until we deliver the news or reports. This is the life of a journalist: he lives for readers and less for him. Thank you, Claudia Untaru and we will continue to follow you with your articles that have arrived abroad as well as on the American continent as well as this interview!


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