Alexandra Popescu-York’s “Modern Warrior Queen” Collection at Couture Fashion Week

Alexandra Popescu-York’s “Modern Warrior Queen” Collection Launch Marks Her Seventh Season at Couture Fashion Week
Couture Fashion Week New York top designer and artist Alexandra Popescu-York from Manhattan returns for the seventh consecutive season with the Fall-Winter 2017 fashion collection entitled “Modern Warrior Queen”. The audaciously-named collection pays a dazzling tribute to today’s equally bold female figure who graciously reveals her barrier-breaking spirit with each conquest made by her strong and generous soul, sensitive heart and inquisitive mind. This dramatic new couture collection exclusively made in New York brings yet again the design and art worlds to the feet of Ms. Popescu-York, a modern warrior queen herself, whose small body hosts a soul that exudes a universe of love, creativeness and positivity.
Ms. Popescu-York’s ritzy fashion show will be held at 6:00 pm on Sunday, February 12th, 2017, in the Broadway Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan.
Alexandra Popescu-York is a Manhattan-based designer and artist, a world-class power acknowledged by the industry’s best early in her career. Among the numerous accolades she has garnered is Couture Fashion Show’s Best Designer title in September 2016 and the recent inclusion of her paintings in the United Nations’ 70th Anniversary International Art Exhibition in New York. Ms. Popescu-York’s humanitarian efforts have earned her the “Ambassador of Good Hearts and Romanian Culture” title. Ms. Popescu-York is also known as Alexandra Suciu in her double role as wife and mother.
Ms. Popescu-York’s creations are characterized by each piece’s symbolic depiction of finely selected themes. Recent themes include the capsule wardrobe collection of timeless essentials “Tour du Monde”, “Unleashed” (a rich collection of garments and accessories with a glamorous avant-garde look that is as edgy and unique as the emblematic New Yorker), “Âme de l’artiste” (soul of the artist), “Phoenix – The Legend”, “Metropolitan” (inspired by art, history and civilization highlights from the Metropolitan Museum of Art), and “GranD’Or”, a collection based on Ms. Popescu-York’s own artistic creations.

Alexandra Popescu-York Alexandra Popescu-York Fashion Designer & Artist
Press release 01/17/2017 by Dama Pr Rucsandra Maria Şăulean
Photo poster: Rj Ensalada
MUA and Hair: Ana Maria


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